"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Meet The Cat.

"Puuurrrrr..." came an unexpected voice, from nearby.
This is what I saw. It was big, and tabby, and I had never seen anything like it before. It sat looking at me, unblinking and very still. But it purred in a reassuring way.
"I am a Crow," I said. "What are you?"
It licked its lips and considered...
"I am a Cat", it said, finally. "I think I am supposed to chase you..."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I am a Cat," it said. "That's what Cats do. We chase birds and mice."
"Will you hurt me if you catch me?" I asked.
It considered this for a moment.
"It is possible," it decided. "But if you don't try to escape, I will not hurt you deliberately. I only want to play, really. I am not hungry, so I don't want to eat you. Do you want to play?"
I thought this over. Playing sounded like fun, but the Cat was big, and I was small.
"Can we play when I am a bit bigger?" I asked. "I am only a baby Crow, and I don't know how to play yet."
"It's easy," said the Cat. "All you need is to want to have fun, and then you have it."
"I am still so small, that I don't know what fun is," I said. "And see, I have a big hole in my chest from falling out of a tree."
The Cat looked at the hole, still weeping and septic. "Ooh," it said. "That's nasty. Oh well. We will play when you are a bit better." And it wandered off back to sleep in the bedroom.
That was how I met the Cat, and first heard about having fun.

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  1. Hmm. Two of my three cats wouldn't have been so accommodating!