"The seeing-eye, the beating wing, the bird that laughs at everything.
Misunderstood by everyone, who can not see all things as one".

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crow's Feet...

Following a comment to an earlier post, I clicked on an interesting link.
This lady offered to read my feet. I was interested to see what would happen...

Krystallia Sakellariou wrote:
Hi again Crow!
You know, you are the first one out in my shoeproject! Sorry for not writing back earlier, but I have been busy trying to set up a website for The Dreamdayproject.
So to the shoes. ( or feet in your case)

I don´t know you, but based on the image I would say this:
My overall impression: What you see is what you get! You don´t put on a facade, you don´t pretend to be somebody else. In this shoeproject this is in fact very interesting, cause otherwise, the shoe would tell me WHO this person would like to be, or how she or he would like to be perceived..
But in your case, it is like you don´t care about it, it is fascinating, I would say this means someone who is extremely self-confident and sure about him or herself.
And about where you are going?
Well, in other cases, the shoe somebody is wearing/buying at a certain time is indicating a new path, a new direction.But with you it is different...
I would say you are not going to change or take a new path in the near future. (Or maybe even ever.)
Your life will be following the path you are already on. This does not mean it will be dull or anything, it means more that you are already on the right track and that you should just go along and enjoy life as it is!
It was nice getting in contact with you and I wish you all the best in the future!
The Shoewitch

And my thank you:

Squawk! Squawk!
That was a very funny and very true diagnosis. Well done!
Who would think a Swedish Human would know so much about a crow, just from its feet?
I know a fox, and people send it messages too.
Maybe it has a paw picture to send to you. I will ask.
Thank you :~)
The Crow.

And a follow-up email from Krystallia:

Hi crow!
Thanks it looks great! And thanks for linking me:-)
Maybe more people will now send in their shoepictures!
It was funny you posted it, cause I woke up this morning thinking I would write a post about it, about you being the first one out!
Unfortunately these days I am busy with other things so both the dreamdayproject and the shoewitchproject are suffering a little... But I hope to be back in business soon!
And thanks for introducing me to the Fox! Feet diagnosis will come soon!
I wish you a great weekend!

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